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A Servant's Heart and an Expert's Insight.

Real Estate is complicated on many levels. Just like your life, there are many moving parts. This transaction is one of the most important to occur in your life and the life of your family. In my opinion, look for these three things when interviewing an agent:

1.  Education.  Look for an agent who has taken the time to become an expert in the areas of knowledge that will best help you in a real estate deal. Are they a member of National Association of Realtors? Are they in good standing with the State Commission?  Give me a call if you need help checking credentials (615)429-1794Here is a link to TN Real Estate Commission.

2.  Experience.  New agents are fantastic, but they need to be under the wing of an experienced mentor.  Seasoned agents with experience handling different situations have learned to adapt and adjust when a transaction faces challenges.  All transactions (even the "easy" ones) face challenges. You need an agent who knows how to adjust and keep the transaction going as smoothly as possible.

3. Humility.  A good agent may have the education and experience to get the job done, but a GREAT agent will be humble about it. As my client, you come first in this process.  I promise to collaborate with you on the best outcomes available in your unique situation. Strong negotiating + Humility = Success.

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